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29 December 2015 @ 06:44 pm
#441 - December Recap  

On December 5th, SG and I went to Landmark…is it called Landmark? The theatre at City Centre to watch the Peanuts movie bright and early in the morning. It was free as MacEwan alumni. :3 And…I’d been waiting to see it since forever…just because we hadn’t had the time. But it was a great movie, aside for…sitting in a theatre with so many kids. That night, I went to Kelsey’s house and we ended up watching Netflix and snacking…and working on finishing our models and projects for the design competition. Kiriana came over too, and it was a ton of fun. :3 …I mean, aside from the fact that we were just working on so much stuff.

December 8th, I worked U-Pass in the morning, and then SG came to pick me up from school, and I told him I’d treat him to IT Dog. So, we tried IT Dog for the first time. It was ok. I mean like…a bit expensive. But they’re so extravagantly decorated and what not. Overall, it was still yummy I think…and still worth the money. And we were extremely full after. On the 10th, I had my english presentation. And honestly, was just really happy to hand in everything else…and just not have to worry about much else. I mean..I wasn’t even that offended that my teacher seemed to think I wasn’t looking around the room enough to give my presentation. But whatev…adding all the grades together, I should’ve gotten a really good grade.

The next day, I went to school to do UPass again, and somehow ended up seeing someone I went to MacEwan with..and was in the vocal program with. It was so weird!!! But..yeah. We talked for a little, and it was nice seeing her, even if for a little. And it snowed lots and lots that day. At least, just for the morning.

The Monday, the 14th, I had my final design presentation. And it went fairly well I guess. I was a little unhappy my teacher kept saying “he wanted to save me for last”…but whatever. I was last…and we ended around 3pm. People…just made such long presentations even though it was unnecessary. I was just so happy to be done and out of there especially after having so much trouble with my boards and the spray glue just…drying up because the heat in my house was too high. D: Like…why is that even a thing. T^T

December 16th, I met up with Lara at Bogani Cafe, which I happen to like because I thought it’d have stuff for her to eat…since she’s like…vegetarian..or vegan? Or whatever….but apparently once we got there, and she looked at the menu, she’s like…all I can get is a bagel. D: And I found it odd, because whenever I go there with Ashley, who also is vegetarian…she makes do with…less hassle. D: But whatever. it wasn’t that big of an issue, but we finished eating, and then headed to Southgate to do a little bit of shopping for her, and helped her find a cute hoodie for her niece.

The next day, I went back to school for work…doing UPass, and wasn’t able to get my cheque after all, which was a bit of a let down. But I’ll get it in January. On the 19th, I ended up at SG’s friend’s house for a ‘food party’…which really ended up in just friends and board games. Well, SG’s friends, and board games. I was kinda unhappy with him, because he took up a gig that night and had to leave for like an hour. But I guess I tried my best to keep busy with his friends and board game with them…even though I didn’t know any of the games. On the 22nd, I’m glad I got to get SG out, and we headed out to Red Robin to meet up with Lily and Harris. :3 Decent food and lots of fun talk. Though sometimes, I still think SG talks too much D: Make him stawp talking about himself. T^T

That night, one of my classmates texted me and told me grades were up. And for some strange reason, I did great for everything aside for my english class. I got a D+. It sounded like a mistake. It had to be a mistake. I ended up not sleeping well for the next few days.

I called the school the next morning bright and early, and emailed the program chair and all the profs associated with the course…but there wasn’t much response since they could’ve been out of the country on vacation by then. Luckily, my program chair emailed me back, which resulted in the office secretary emailing me back that it was an ‘instructor marking error’. I’d love to know what that even means. On the 28th, I finally got an email back from my english prof who told me she’d given me a mark of 91, so there must’ve just been an entering grades error…which would be an easy fix come January. Well…here’s hoping it’s an easy fix :/ I need my GPA amazing for masters application…and like…I don’t deserve a D+ D:

SG and I spent 3 days during the break marathon-ing Star Wars in order to be able to see the new Star Wars movie in theaters. We’re not trying to follow the hype…we’d been planning to do it for a while since he’d downloaded it a while ago. But I guess the new movie coming out was just extra incentive. So we ended up buying the tickets the other day for VIP, and we’ll go see it New Year’s Eve. X’mas eve was spent at home with family. We had a pretty nice time with hot pot, and taking pictures…and playing with a candy sushi set that I bought in Tokyo a few years back…we ate it too..but I feel that might’ve been a mistake…but no one got sick? LOL

On Christmas, we opened presents, watched TV together..and I kinda convinced SG to come over..even just for an hour or two. So he came over and I brough him over to the tree and made him pick up 2 gifts, one from my parents, and one from me. I wasn’t supposed to get him a gift. But he said, “no buying me a gift”…didn’t say get D: …and I didn’t buy it. T^T But regardless..he ended up with one of those wallets with the swiss gear thing-y. Because he has a back pack and lunch bag already…and we’d passed by it at Costco, but he seemed to want it and I tried really hard to stop him. But anyways, as he was opening the presents, he handed me one and was like, this is from my mom. And his mom ended up getting me a Estee Lauder set, and $100 D: That’s not fair. :/ I tried to give it back…but I eventually gave up, and decided I’d just …write a really nice thank you card then.

Boxing Day was spent waking up early…around 6ish, in order to go to Walmart first. We ended up being there too early, that we had to stand in line. But once we got in, we understood why. People were fighting over cheap cosmetics…that were like…no name brand. I don’t really understand. We got a bit of chocolate, and like a Hickory Farm’s sampler set, and then headed out to Michael’s so I could get a few things for next year. Then, we went to Mayfield Common’s to go to the Jysk, since the Jysk on Calgary Trail is just…really small. Ended up being too early and the store hadn’t even opened yet. But people were lined up outside and we were super confused. With only 2 minutes left till open anyways, we figured we’d just go line up. Upon entry, we got a $20 coupon to be used day of, each. So, we had like…$60 to use in the store. :3 I ended up getting a nice little red sherpa blanket, and a musical carousel which I plan to give to his sister for x’mas next year. We headed to a few other places..but nothing big. Overall, I don’t think my family spent more than $70.

SG promised someone he’d house sit, so the cat came over that day. We helped get it settled…and ended up just hanging out playing video games and watching videos. We tried using Skip the dishes…but iunno…I still think it’s kinda meh. You have to pay extra for the delivery fee…and still, it took almost an hour, maybe more to get to his house? The food was still warm and yummy though. And I finally found ddeukkbokki in Edmonton. :3

On the 27th, I went with my parents to church and then we had breakfast at Ikea. Didn’t buy anything, since they weren’t really having much of a sale on their holiday stuff. :/ It’s really a shame. But then from there, we went to Mark’s Warehouse…which we were still too early for and were there before opening. My dad was confused why there’d be so many people waiting in their cars for the doors to open…especially for a store that really just sells good work boots…and safety equipment, etc…stuff for construction workers. I really just wanted to buy my set of work boots and hard hot so I wouldn’t have to worry about the next trip next semester to a site, or if I started working next year, that I’d have my set ready to go. But I found a nice pair for $90, and my helmet, which was $14, and ended up only paying less than $90. I feel like it was a good deal with their sale, which probably doesn’t happen often.

Then, I convinced my mom that we should go to Southgate, so we ended up walking around and bought a tea set from David’s Tea, and a set from Hickory Farms to try. But seriously…Hickory Farms on sale, is mad cheap. SG came for dinner that night, but it was pretty simple.

On the 28th, SG came to pick me up and we ended up at WEM cuz I was curious how good the Boxing Week sales would be. In the end they were kinda…meh. I did end up finding a cute sweater at Forever 21 in the style I’ve wanted for a while. I’d like to know whether or not SG planned on buying a lot of stuff…hahaha, but we ended up at H&M, and he bought a pair of pants, and a shirt…and like…a cute sweater. He really wanted another sweater, and I kinda made him put it back…but in the end, he came back to buy it. And while at Forever 21, we saw some blazer, which I thought fit him very well…but it was like $80+. So we put it back, and I told him to take a picture. But while looking in the sale section for myself, he saw a family friend’s mom working, and she pretty much bought it for him while he came back to see how I was doing.

Anyways, I ended up getting my sweater and we went to Aldo, where we were pretty drained, but he ended up getting a nice pair of dress shoes for only $60. :3 …all men’s dress shoes pretty much look exactly the same. So at that point, I was like…”I’ll sit here. You pick one. D: They all look the same, I don’t see the difference…so just pick one.”

Around 4:30pm, we left WEM and hurried to get back to my house so we could get changed and dressed for a wedding banquet that night for one of his friends. And although there were many awkward instances…like a couple at our table that weren’t supposed to sit at our table and ended up getting pushed out when someone from high school that I knew came, and her brother that I worked with came. Small world. It was a decently fun night with nice conversation. Kim was there too, but I feel like she was …feeling out of place maybe. But for some strange reason, the girl sitting next to her, which I assumed she knew well, asked me “how long have you been dating him? Your sister said she doesn’t know and doesn’t talk to you.” WTF is that supposed to mean…I’d just talked to her a day or so beforehand. D:

Anyways, Happy New Year! I’m saying ahead of time in case I don't get a chance to update till...February...you just never know. D: I'm gonna try harder next year to update...that's for sure. haha
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☆ミ K-chanmeikimari on December 31st, 2015 08:59 pm (UTC)
hahaha I do that too D: I seem to always get blamed. D: But I'm so bad at playing people can't tell if I'm lying or not. HAHAHA Cuz I can never remember the rules. ..I just take that to my advantage :3